Blabla Reviews

Giving Gifts is a lovely Canadian online shop that offers Fair Trade, eco-friendly, and fun gifts. Giving Gifts has an amazing motto - "buy the change you want to see in the world". I love the idea that our consumer choices can make the world a better place. Giving Gifts has really taken this to heart by carrying  items that enrich our lives and the lives of others. They carry only the best quality and most beautifully ethical gifts for babies, kids, adults, and even pets.

Giving Gifts takes the idea of giving to another level by making a donation to a specific charity for each item that you purchase. So you can honour those you love with a beautiful and unique gift, while at the same time giving back to the planet and our global community. I also really love that everything purchased from Giving Gifts comes with a beautiful card that outlines how your gift has made the world a better place. For example, The Blabla Doll came with a card telling me that my doll gives back to the fairly paid artisans who knit the doll and that Giving Gifts has made a donation to Carli's Kids because of my purchase. I love this sweet touch.

Giving Gifts sent us an adorable Peeko Blabla doll to review and it is simply wonderful. Its the perfect size for toddlers and its completely huggable. We love the creative quirky character and bright colors of the Peeko Doll. They are great for imaginative play and are so happy looking that they brighten up any room. With my daughter it was love at fist sight with her Blabla. Peeko is so soft and cuddly that it immediately made it into her crib with her favorite bedtime softies.
Blabla Dolls are hand knitted  by skilled artisans in Peru that are paid fair wages and treated with respect. I believe our doll was made with love and it really shows. Blabla dolls are knitted using 100% natural cotton and are really beautifully crafted. They are also very mom friendly because Blabla dolls are completely machine washable. Blabla's make a lovely gift, that would surely be cherished by anyone who received one.

Giving Gifts is owned an operated by Lisa - a super awesome Canadian mom. She has always been passionate about giving the perfect give to those she loves and has combined this with her desire to give back to create Giving Gifts. Besides carrying thoughtful and earth friendly gifts, Lisa also runs her business to be eco-friendly by using recycled materials in her promotions and shipping. Giving Gifts was even given the Climate Mama Seal of Approval! I feel great supporting Giving Gifts for so many reasons, and I completely recommend this amazing shop.

Last week I lucked out and won a Blabla doll from Canadian Natural Mama Reviews.

I let G-Girl pick which one she wanted. Personally I would have went with Peeko, but she choose Lee Lee Plum.

If I had any sense I would have picked out a Blabla doll and then tucked it away for a Christmas gift.  As it was though, G-Girl had a blast picking out her doll and waiting for her to arrive.

Lee Lee arrived in today’s mail and was an instant hit. G-Girl insisted on toting her everywhere.  I was really impressed by the quality of this doll.  She is so amazingly soft and cuddly. The seams and stitching appear to be quite sturdy. I think she is going to hold up well.  I love that she's  machine washable. G-Girl likes the bright colours and the crazy pink knobs on the top of Ms. Plum’s head, which she insists are extra ears.
I was impressed with how quickly it arrived. I love that Giving Gifts is a Canadian company, so you don’t have to worry about paying duty. The card that came in the package reminded me that my Blabla doll was hand knit by women in Peru that are” paid fairly for their work and treated with respect”.  Also it is “made with natural fibers, 100% exceptional quality very soft cotton”.  And with every purchase Giving Gifts makes a donation to help build the new Abetavu children’s village in Uganda.

Lee Lee Plum retails for $36.  Would I have bought her if I didn’t win her?  To be honest, probably not.  But now, having touched the doll and seen her in person, I would definitely consider purchasing another Blabla doll as a gift.  I can't get over how soft, squishy, yet sturdy the doll is and  I love the unique shapes.

The bird shaped handknit baby rattles in the Blabla line also look adorable.  I’m seriously considering picking one up for Baby-G.

I will definitely be checking Giving Gifts out when choosing my Christmas gifts this year. I made sure to sign up for their email newsletter, which promises subscriber only coupons and sales info.

Where to find it?
Blabla Dolls are available in Canada through  Prices range from $21 for 6" rattle a to $46 for a 22" long-legged doll.