Envirosax Reviews

"I love my pouch of envirosax bags.  I can stash them in my purse or the glove compartment of the car so that they are always ready to go when I need them.  Having them altogether in a little pouch makes such a difference and is so much easier in the grocery store than lugging around a big pile of other reusable bags.  Their size is great and they are super strong.  Recently, my husband and I did some shopping as we walked along Yonge street with our son in Toronto.  By the end, his stroller was quite a site with bags filled with our purchases hanging off of it everywhere...but, hey, at least they were stylish!"
                                                                                    - Nancy Gillis via Email, August 30th, 2010

"Good, strong, big, nice.  If Justin Timberlake uses them, it's good enough for me."    
                                                                                   - Justin Pozin (my brother!) via Email, August 20th, 2010
As I've mentioned before I love using my shopping dollars to make a positive change, so I am thrilled to be teaming up with Giving Gifts again. This fair-trade, eco-friendly, and fabulous online shop carries a lovely selection of gifts for babies, kids, pets, and adults. Every item they carry has been thoughtfully chosen to be ethically produced and Giving Gifts makes a donation to charity for each gift bought.
This mom-owned Canadian gift store is committed to helping you find the perfect ethical gift for absolutely everyone on your list. Giving Gifts has a great selection of natural toys, green lunch products, natural art supplies, and the coolest green essentials. I also really love how each gift bought from Giving Gifts comes with a card outlining how your purchase has given to others. For the Envirosax Bag that I tried, Giving Gifts made a donation to Carli's Kids to help build the new Abetavu Children's Village. I completely recommend you visit Giving Gifts and buy the change you want to see.

I had a chance to try one of the wonderful green Envirosax Bags from Giving Gifts. Envirosax re-usable bags feature a wide variety of hip, modern, and unique graphics that make going green look oh so stylish. I have been using the nature themed Bird Envirosax Bag and it is so bright and fun. It was designed by Animal Planet (my fave channel) and it aways reminds me of one of the reasons I am committed to environmental responsibility- my love for animals and nature. This bag is completely ethical too; its made under a fair trade agreement and its use keeps thousands of plastic bags from polluting our precious earth.

Besides being completely beautiful, the Envirosax Bag is a very well designed re-usable bag. It is made with super strong polyester that holds up to 44 pounds and is conveniently waterproof and washable. I also really love that Envirosax fold up so small, it makes it easy and convenient to always have one on hand. Envirosax re-usable bags can be used for just about everything- I take mine to the farmers market, the grocery store, use it as a beach bag, and will be buying them to use as gift bags this Christmas.

Giving Gifts sent me an Envirosax for review and I love it! I have tried them out before and they are by far my favorite reusable bag that I have ever tried! They are made with the highest standards and best quality, they hold up to 44lbs and rolls up to about 2x3 inches! I love them. They are so stylish, coming in all sorts of prints and styles, they even have some kids ones!

I love that there was a little insert in the bag that tells me who benefits from my purchase! The environment was first of course because it saves many many other bags from going in to the landfill. The Envirosax are also ethically made with helps out the workers in China! Giving Gifts makes a donation to help build the new Abetavu Children's Village in Uganda!

How is that for a feel good gift! Giving Gifts also sells toys, natural art products, and more! Be sure to check them out!