Imagiplay produces toys using only materials and processes that show respect for the planet and all the people and creatures upon it. All of ImagiPLAY's toys are made from eco-friendly materials, with plantation-grown rubberwood being a favorite. Rubber trees produce a sap that is used to make latex products. At the end of their latex-producing years (generally 25-30 years) the trees are harvested and new ones planted. But these wonderful trees have one more gift to give us -their beautiful, splinter-free hardwood, from which ImagiPLAY makes many of its award winning, heirloom quality toys. ImagiPLAY's factories are placed close to the neighborhoods where its craftsmen live so that the majority of them can walk or ride their bikes to work each day, enabling its craftsmen to maintain quality relationships with their own children while they make toys for others. Every step of our toy production from seed to shelf is carefully thought out to minimize impact on the earth. Most wooden toys distributed in Canada are made from Pine and made in China. The raw Pine is primarily produced in Canada, shipped to China where the toy is produced then shipped back to North America as a finished product! We see this excessive shipping as a senseless waste of natural resources. ImagiPLAY selects factories that are close to our raw materials to avoid this needless expenditure of gas, oil and greenhouse gases. 

ImagiPLAY is proud to contribute to the growth of many developing nations by crafting their toys in small, mostly family run factories around Asia.

The rubberwood used to make their toys is grown in Southeast Asia, so our rubberwood toys are crafted in Sri Lanka, Viet Nam and some carefully selected factories in China.  Factories are placed close to the neighborhoods where our workers live. The majority of our factory workers walk or ride their bikes to work each day.

They visit every factory to insure:

Every toy ImagiPLAY produces is earth friendly, child safe and people kind. That is their commitment to children and the planet.