Oil Cleanser - Helena Lane


We pride ourselves on finding gifts that change the world and this incredible skin care line by Helena Lane is one of them! Helena Lane is a line of authentic skin care that uses all-natural organic ingredients scented with the purest essential oils. Helena's goal is that we reduce the amount of products we use on our skin. I have have been using Helena's Lavender Lime Oil Cleanser for over a year and absolutely love it. Oil cleansers are essential as they don't strip your skin of it's natural oil. Cleansing with oil rebalances oil production in both oily and dry skins and decreases sensitivities by supporting the skin to restore its own protective barrier.

A major benefit of oil cleansing is that it reduces the number of products we need to use. If we are not stripping the skin, there is no need to add more moisturizer and use additional products to heal any damage that was done. Fewer products mean a simpler, quicker and less expensive skincare routine and healthier skin!