Plan Toys

PlanToys® is the first company to manufacture toys using wood from rubber trees that no longer provide latex. The trees grow to heights of 50 feet or more. The sap from the rubberwood tree is the world's primary source of natural rubber. After about 25 years, the latex yield decreases and the trees are usually cut down and burned. Instead of wasting this valuable resource, building our toys from rubberwood helps preserve the delicate balance of our eco system. There is no deforestation involved in the harvesting of rubberwood, as felled trees are replanted with new ones. Rubberwood is an eco-friendly, sustainable, high quality wood. The paper used in our packaging is recyclable which further reduces waste and our plants use state of the art solar energy. Our plants use state of the art solar energy and biomass (fuel from biodegradable organic material).

We initiated a work-generating plan which has significantly increased the local standard of living. We provide opportunities for those with disabilities to work in our company.

As part of our commitment to children's education and development, we have founded a community learning center and The Children's Toy Museum. We regularly sponsor many enrichment programs for children through our Green Head Club Project. This helps to foster a love of learning outside the classroom. Every activity mirrors our global commitment to creating a better society, improving the quality of life, and respecting our environment.