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Capsule Wardrobe Reflections - Day 2

Capsule Wardrobe Reflections - Day 2

Today was a holiday so I took full advantage of the fact that I didn't really "need" to leave the house. Our goal was to get to the beach for low tide at 1:30pm, so at 12:57pm I decided it was finally time to put on something real. I'd been somewhat dreading it as I wasn't sure how easy it would be to choose an outfit for the beach on an overcast and not-so-warm day. I started the timer and exactly 3 minutes later I was fully dressed. It was so nice not to have to sort through tones of clothing to find something I'd feel great in. Getting rid of 1/3 of my closet has really helped simplify things and get me out the door faster. Less time getting ready, meant more time digging for clams at the beach. The kids (and dog) got completely covered in mud and had the best time!

Here's what I chose for Day 2: 

T-Shirt: Raven & Lily - Fair Trade Made out of remnant fabric in Cambodia. From Giving Gifts & Company. This shirt was at the store for a long time. Sometimes that happens where there is just one left and no one seems to want to buy it. Finally, after looking at it for months, I decided to take it home. It is an awesome shirt and I'm so glad I got it. 

Jacket: Fidelity Ryder Jacket in Graphite. Made in in the USA. This jacket is awesome! I wear it all the time. It is even cuter with the hood attached, but it needs some repair work to keep it on which with my life, is likely never going to happen, or at least not happen very quickly. I'll aim for the jacket and hood to be reunited for Fall 2016. 

Jeans: J Brand Liberty Graphite with Side Pleats. Made in the USA. These jeans are very cool with the pleats that run down the side of them. I saw them on someone else and had to get them. They really aren't different enough from my black jeans to warrant having two pairs in my wardrobe. With smarter shopping habits (see infographic below) I likely would not have bought them. 

Bracelets: Bohemian Trading Collective, Made in Vancouver Canada. Available at Giving Gifts & Company. I wear these two bracelets all the time! They are heavy stones and I can feel them on my wrist which I like. There is also just a hint of bling to them with a sparkly silver bead on one and a sparkly gold bead on the other.  

I was also thinking today about how almost absurd it is that I needed to read so many blog posts and get inspired by the idea of limiting my wardrobe. I remember in high school when the best thing was going to the mall when there was a sale. I would get so excited at the thought of getting new things at amazing deals. I don't shop like that anymore, but when I buy something new, I never consider how it will fit in with everything else I have, or whether I have at least 3 other things to wear it with, etc... I just decide I love it (or it will be useful), and that it is a somewhat reasonable priced, and then I buy it. I have definitely curved my shopping a lot in the last few years, but what a rediculous First World problem to have! I just got a photo of our sponsor child in Rowanda - I am pretty sure Donatira (the mother) does not waste much time thinking about what goes with what in her wardrobe. My guess is that everything goes with everything and whatever suites the weather, is best.


In a sense, we are lucky to have this problem, but it is utterly ridiculous that I've never thought of limiting what I buy sooner or making sure that an item of clothing is really needed and it fits a big gap in my wardrobe before I buy it. Is everyone ahead of me? Do you already shop like that? This is all new for me and it has really allowed me to focus on what I truly need. There is a fun infographic by Devastate Boredom that explains the importance of having variety in your wardrobe. I have two pairs of grey/black jeans that are very similar (and because I have two pairs, the ones I wore today hardly ever get worn). As this image shows, I would do way better with one pair (less purple) and one new dress or shorts that create new outfit combinations (more red). 

I'm going to keep going with this Capsule Wardrobe. I am definitely not going to limit myself to 30 or 33 or 37 pieces of clothing as I don't think I need that type of structure, but next time I buy clothing for the store, I'll keep an eye out for pieces that can serve as basics and work with everything in my (and your) closet. I'll let you know what I find!  

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