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My Capsule Wardrobe!

My Capsule Wardrobe!

I've been uninspired with my closet lately. I have lots of clothing, but can never seem to find anything I love to wear. I often go through a few outfit changes before I find the right one which is just frustrating and a waste or time, or I wear the same thing for a week (or what feels like a week) in a row. Last night, I decided that it has to end! I dumped everything I own on the bed and started to go through it. My husband, who was lying in bed at the time because it was 11pm, was pretty unimpressed with me. By 1am, while he fell asleep surrounded by piles of clothing, I had gone through every single item and felt so much better! I got rid of 48 pieces of clothing. I still have around 100 left (plus workout items) but I was pretty lenient with myself and figured I could do another purge in a couple of months. There are so many t-shirts left to try on!

I'm really inspired by the idea of owning a capsule wardrobe - something simple with just a few favourite pieces that all mix and match really well. I decided that I needed some guidance with what I have, and what I need, and with finding my personal style, so I decided to join Cladwell for $5 a month. I love that they have a ethical slant and really want to educate people that it isn't just about reducing items, but also making sure that they new things you bring into your wardrobe are ethically made which is something I really appreciate. I'll post updates on how it goes. I haven't fully completed my profile yet. I got stuck (and tired) at the part when you create outfits. I did discover that Spring Colours look best on me, but that may not be quite accurate as there was no option for olive skin, dark hair and blue eyes. Is that Spring? 

So what will my capsule consist of? My first outfit was easy, jeans, flats and a black button-down shirt. 

Jeans:  Hudson - Made in the USA. They are one of the 4 pairs I decided to keep after the purge. I also kept another 2 pairs of black jeans. 

Shirt: James Perse - Made in the USA. This shirt is awesome! It is such amazing quality that it will always look brand new. I haven't worn it in years as I was worried it would be too small. It was completely neglected and relegated to the back of my closet so it was like a reunion with a long lost friend when I found it last night. 

Shoes: Un Tour En Ville - Made in France. These flats have been great. I love how I can dress them up too. The strap is perfect for keeping them on. I've worn them biking and then right into the store for a busy Saturday shift and they always look great. 

Necklace: Shi Studio - Made in Canada from Giving Gifts & Company. This necklace is gorgeous and it is going to serve as the inspiration behind my capsule collection. It is embroidered silk framed in glass and it has all my favourite colours - grey, teal, coral and cream. 

Bangles: Made by Lex - Made in Canada from Giving Gifts & Company. Alexia makes this beautiful sterling silver bangles and she is an incredibly talented jewellery designer and great friend. These five bangles are my every day go-to and always look great. 

Today has been fun. It is an opportunity to think about clothing and shopping for clothing completely differently. Rather than focusing on what I like, and the price (of course, it is all about the price too), I'll focus on whether it fits into my capsule. For years, I've sought out ethical fashion, so that isn't new for me. My wardrobe is now a mix and each new piece I add to it is ethically made, and often eco friendly too. I keep in mind the idea of "paying so much it hurts" when I shop, rather than buying cheap/fast fashion. 

I looked around the store a bit differently today too. Here are the items from Giving Gifts & Company that will fit perfectly in my Spring Capsule: 

Sisay Scarf by FashionABLE, an incredible Fair Trade brand that empowers women in Ethiopia. 

Mamuye Tote in Pewter by FashionABLE, a fair trade brand that empowers women in Ethiopia. 

Erin Tee by Krochet Kids - made in Peru and signed by the woman that makes it. This shirt also comes in white with black stripes which is the one I would choose to fit into my Spring capsule. (Sorry - I can't find a picture of it.) 

Lotus Leggings by Inner Fire - a local Vancouver Brand we carry at Giving Gifts & Company. These are perfect for yoga and running or wearing anytime. 

I have no idea what tomorrow is going to bring, but I'm looking forward to the challenge of putting together another outfit from my simplified closet. I'm pretty sure these first couple of weeks will be harder than usual and that I may need to plan a bit more and try a lot of things on, but I'm confident that once I get into the habit of mixing and matching and know all the possible combinations, I'll be free from the fashion clutter and inspired with my closet once again. I'll keep you updated on how it goes! 

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