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Lisa Loves

Best Small Gifts for Kids

All stocking stuffers for kids are less than $20! They are also great for Chanukah gifts if your family has the tradition of giving one gift each night like mine does. 


1. Brand new! This small, 12 oz Envirosax Waterbottle is beautiful and easy to use. It is BPA free and comes in three great designs. Flowers, Dots and Leaves.

2.  Itzy Ritzy Reusable Snackbags are perfect for kids! Every kid loves having their very own snackbag and mom and dad will love it too! The only hard part is choosing which design you think they will like best! Giving Gifts carries 13 different designs.

3. Brand new - Anamalz! Anamalz are adorable, posable bamboo animals. Kids will spend hours making up roll-play games with their anamalz. This dino is one of my favourites, but there are 11 different anamalz at Giving Gifts!

4. Piggy Paint Natural Nail Polish. Piggy Paint is just as beautiful and goes on just as easily as regular nail polish, but it is all natural! Piggy Paint is sure to be a hit with girls of all ages. Giving Gifts carries 20 different colours of Piggy Paint so you'll find the perfect colour for every girl on your list! 

5. Cate&Levi Peek-a-Boo Puppets. Cate&Levi puppets are one-of-a-kind and made in Canada from reclaimed wool. These Peek-a-Boo puppets are on sale for a great price. Cate&Levi also makes hand puppets and purse pals - all are great gifts for the kids in your life. 

6. Lovey's Tushi Stick and Lovey's Tushi Wash are both great gifts for eco-friendly, natural or sensitive babies (and parents). 

7. Envirosax Kids Bags Every kid needs an Envirosax bag. They are great for swimming lessons, dance class, taking the beach, etc... kids love carrying their own bags and the kids Envirosax bags are slightly smaller than the regular bags. 

8. PlanToys Baby Car The PlanToys baby car is so much fun. It is easy for babies and toddlers to hold and moves in fun ways that will keep they entertained. 

9. Boom Boom Cards - Teen Edition Teens are hard to buy for - but this is a gift they will love! Boom Boom cards are altruistic, online and a challenge - everything most teens love. Give them a gift that will last all year with Boom Boom cards. 

10. Clementine Art Natural Art Supplies Clementine Art supplies are gorgeous to look at and so nice to use. They are simple and natural and will inspire any young artist. 

11. ImagiPlay Duck and Car are fun push-along toys for babies and toddlers. 

12. Blabla Rattles. These are back in stock but they won't last long! They are the absolute perfect baby gift - super soft and small enough for baby's tiny hands. 

13. Shoo-Foo Bamboo Washcloths. These are the thickest, softest, most absorbent washcloths you'll find. Another item I have a hard time keeping in stock. (They are out of stock until the end of November.)

14. Ecojot sketchbooks. Made in Canada from 100% recycled paper with soy-based inks. The perfect gift for a young artist. 

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