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Lisa Loves

Best Big Gifts

A warning on the Big Gift ideas - these really are big gifts!  Each one is more than $90 (complete) but absolutely gorgeous in quality and something your child/children will treasure for a long time.  


1. Anamalz and Play Mat. The play mat itself is very reasonably priced at $42.95, it is just when you add all the Anamalz that this toy starts to add up. You could always start with the Play Mat and a couple Anamalz and collect them over the years for a less expensive gift idea. 

2. PlanToys Doll House. This chalet doll house is amazing - with two separate units that can be arranged many different ways. It is gorgeous quality and will be a favourite toy that will get passed down. Giving Gifts sells lots of doll house accessories and rooms. These can be bought be other family members and friends, or collected over the years. 

3. Blabla Sheep Mobile. This is the most beautiful mobile you can buy! It is all handmade and the attention to every single detail is unbelievable. Babies will love to count sheep as they drift off to a peaceful sleep. 

4. PlanToys Eco Town. This is one cool town! My son is getting this for his birthday gift from my parents and I'm sure he is going to spend his entire break from school playing with it. It has so many different parts and pieces, but what I'm really excited for are the environmental discussions I am sure it is going to spark. 

5. PlanToys Parking Garage. This parking garage is the most played with toy in our house! It has a working elevator, ramps to go up and down and little ticket station and man. It is definitely any little boys dream come true. 

6. PlanToys Rocking Horse. I had a rocking horse as a kid and loved it! Rocking horses are very nostalgic for me and this one is a beautiful heirloom quality that I'm sure will get passed down to future generations. 

7. PlanToys Road and Rail City Set. What is better than a train set? A train and road set, of course! This train set is amazing - it comes with lots of different pieces and can be added to throughout the years. Another toy that will be very well used!

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