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Lisa Loves

Piggy Paint

I find it funny that Piggy Paint used the line "Natural as Mud" because really nothing is as natural as mud in my opinion unless it is dirt! And really, why would I want my nailpoish to have anything to do with mud! I do however find Piggy Paint to be a whole lot more beautiful than mud to paint my kids' nails with!

Piggy Paint says their polish is as "Natural as Mud" because "every ingredient in the polish is totally biodegradable... the resin, colorants and preservative." Piggy paint is classified as being non-toxic and has been tested for lead and phthalates. 

Some questions have come up lately on Piggy Paint's use of MIT as a preservative in their natural nail polish. Piggy Paint sent their retailers an information sheet. Here are some of the points from Piggy Paint on why they use MIT in their polish.

Piggy Paint uses MIT as a preservative in their polishes because there are "very strict regulations that require that all cosmetics contain enough preservative to kill common pathogens (from children sneezing in the polish, germs from our skin, etc..). This isn't a problem with regular nail polishes because their harsh solvents instantly annihilate the pathogens on contact. But because (Piggy Paint) is water-based and uses water as a solvent, it has no natural resistance to infection. MIT (Neolone 950) is very effective at killing germs at the low levels used in Piggy Paint - 50 parts per million. MIT is a preservative that has been approved for use by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), by Japan and by the European Commission for use in cosmetics. Piggy Paint contains 50% of the allowable MIT limits established by governmental  regulations." 

My toes are currently painted Piggy Paint Midnight Pansy - a gorgeous dark purple colour from their Refined line for adults. My daughter's love changing the colour of their toenails every week and even my son wears polish on his toes (usually blue or black) most of the time. I am always curious to find out more information and choose the best products for my kids (and your kids too!), so I'll keep reading and researching and would love to know if MIT is really necessary in Piggy Paint or if there is a better preservative solution. 

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