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Lisa Loves

My Day in Abbotsford

I spent a very wet day in Abbotsford. Crazy how the weather can affect a kids fair so much. I don't love complaining about the weather, because really it is never perfect. But even our farmer that runs our community supported agriculture program said there has been too much rain this year! Not very many people came out, but the people that were there seemed to be having fun. There was lots to do - the facepainters were amazing. There were kids carrying balloon animals and making bubbles in the rain. The EcoDairy seemed awesome. I hope I'm out that way again and can bring the kids out to see it. I had the best veggie burger ever from an awesome food truck. I love food trucks! I think they are one of the greatest things to come to Vancouver. I look forward to lunch every time I see one. They serve the best food, at great prices and are way quicker than waiting in line for take-out. 

I am proud to say that I made it to Abbotsford (and back) with only one navigation mistake each way. The way there, I called my husband to help out. Of course, when I couldn't tell him if I was going North or South he got frustrated and told me to find it on my own. (He's a helpful guy!) The way back I figured it out myself and, man was I proud of myself! I am definitely not cut out for long distance driving. I ate 6 oatmeal raisin cookies on the way home! I was going to lie and say that I shared them, but who am I kidding, once I opened the package it was over! Anyway, oatmeal raisin cookies are healthy, they are practically breakfast food, right?  

I wanted to share one cute sale from today. A girl picked out her new lunchbox to start kindergarten in the Fall. She chose a pink fairy princess Yubo lunchbox and her mom bought a pink drink holder and the medium containers to go with it. I can't tell you enough how much I love the medium containers. I think they change the Yubo box from something great to something extraordinary! She also picked out some cupcake mini snackbags. She's all ready to start school in a couple of months and she couldn't have been more proud. 

Thanks to all the great vendors I met today that made a crazy rainy day a lot of fun! Thanks also to all the families that braved the rain to come out. If you didn't make it out to Abbotsford today, I'll be a lot closer to home tomorrow (June 17th)! Come on out to the biggest street fair in Vancouver - Car Free Day Commercial Drive. I'll be in the Kids Zone between Williams and Charles from Noon to 6:00pm. 

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