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My Day on Commercial Drive

Today was completely the opposite of yesterday. I didn't meet a single vendor and had a ton of customers. Seriously, Commercial Drive was so busy all day! It was awesome! Also, THERE WAS NO RAIN!!!! I can't believe it, but it didn't rain all day. There was a crazy wind that made my banner almost fly away on many occasions. A couple of times I was worried for customers as products came flying off the tables at them. A red S'well bottle feel off the table onto the street at least 4 times. It got tiny holes in the paint, nothing you wouldn't notice if you weren't staring at it from an inch away. If anyone is interested in it, I'm happy to sell it for 30% off. 

I was crazy busy all day. I loved all the friends that stopped by and said hi - thanks guys and sorry I didn't have time to talk. Huge thanks to my favourite family that stopped by in the afternoon with an ice tea - you guys rock! 

The most popular item of the day was definitely Kauzbots. I came with an entire basket of them, one of each of the Kauzbots, and went home with only one. Poor Karthy was left all on her/his (what's Karthy?) own. Karthy is for autism and actually one of my favourite, so I am surprised. The stories were cute too. Kaprice was for a baby girl that will be born at the end of July, whose dad loves robots, Khloe went to a girl names Chloe, Kourage was for a girl in her 20s (my guess is that her boyfriend bought it for her) and Kruz went to two little boys singing Mr. Roboto. 

I hope lots of the people I met today become Giving Gifts regulars. I promise to get more Kauzbots! Thanks Jordana for organizing an amazing festival and finally letting me be part of it! Thanks to Muryn, Susanne, Torsten, David (I don't know you, but you were a huge help with the tent) and all the people that helped me out today!

KourageKruzKarthy (the poor robot that didn't find a home today.) KhloeKaprice

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