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Lisa Loves

Lisa Loves! - The Perfect Birthday Present!


My kids are invited to lots of birthday parties! The policy at their school is to invite everyone in your class to the party, so with 3 kids and 13 to 20 kids in a class, we attend a birthday party almost every weekend. 

I am always searching for the perfect birthday presents for my kids' friends. I often ask them to tell me what their classmates like, or what kinds of toys they play with at school, but the answers I get hardly ever help me pick out a gift!

Then I discovered the perfect birthday party present! It works with kids of all ages (2 and up) and it is great for both boys and girls and best of all, it is a great price! Every time I have given it, I always get the best responses from parents about how much their kids loved our gift! My secret, Yoga Pretzels by Barefoot Books! Yoga Pretzels are a set of 50 yoga cards that kids can do by themselves, with siblings and with parents. 

Each card has a different yoga pose with a big image on the front. On the back of the card is step-by-step breakdown on how to get into the pose. They even have a couple discussion questions on each card to get the kids more involved. All 50 cards are packaged into a beautiful really well-made box. Our set is used many times a week and the box and all the cards still look almost new. 


Here are a couple pictures of my kids doing Yoga Pretzels. My five year old is able to lead the poses for the younger girls. 

Yoga Pretzels really are the perfect gift!

Are you ready for the best part! I just opened an account to sell Barefoot Books directly. Barefoot Books are the makers of Yoga Pretzels, as well as many other amazing cards and books for kids! When you place your first order off the website, you can use the code TWENTY12 for 20% OFF! That brings the price of the cards down to only $13, but shh... no one will ever know! 

If you live in Vancouver and would like to pick-up a set (or two, or 10) of Yoga Pretzels, fell free to make an appointment to pick them up at the showroom, by giving me a call at 604-831-7780 or sending me an email too I am happy to offer the same 20% OFF discount for pick-up orders. 

You'd better stock-up, for only $13, you'll have the best birthday gift for every party your kids go to this school year! 

Lisa Loves! - Yoga Pretzels! 

PS - These cards are also amazing for teachers! My brother uses them for elementary PE and our preschool teachers use them in class with 3 and 4 year olds. I have sold Yoga Pretzels to daycares, preschools, elementary schools and yoga teachers. Everyone that does PE, yoga or movement with kids should have a set! 

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