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Lisa Loves

Lisa Loves - Portobello West!

Today definitely wasn't the best day at Portobello West. I was excited setting up because I'd decided that the weather was perfect - a little overcast but not raining. (Not sunny, so people would want to be out at the beach, but not rainy so they would stay inside - just perfect!) Well, I was wrong! Today was the worst day in market history for Giving Gifts! There just weren't any shoppers! Although, the people that did come found lots of amazing artists. 

Right beside me was Little Moso. Jean and I became quick friends. We spent the whole day talking - we both have three kids. I am so impressed with the clothing she makes for kids. Her one-of-a-kind items, especially the coats, are unbelievably amazing. I may have to get one (or three - how I wish three!) I bought Jadeyn a gorgeous purple t-shirt with a little bird silkscreened on it. I am definitely going home with a couple more items from her tomorrow. Also, I am hoping to sell her beautiful bamboo baby blankets and washcloths at Giving Gifts. Watch for them! 

My friend, Kate was back with her awesome jewelry frames. We have two WTF? What the Frames? in our house. One holding my jewelry in our bathroom and another holding the girl's hairclips in their bathroom. Kate is such a talented woodworker! 

Right across from me was some of the most gorgeous jewelry I've ever seen. I seriously can't remember the woman's name - I'll definitely grab a card tomorrow. But her jewelry is stunning! Lots of silver and gold with aqua/teal beads (lots of other colours too, but I especially love teal blues.) I could have easily spent a fortune at Portobello today (I love supporting local artists) but there were no shoppers. 

It is sad to be at markets on days where there isn't much business. Busy days are amazing, however! Everyone is in a great mood, there is a fun energy in the air and most importantly everyone feels great because they made some money and then they shop and support others at the market. It is a win-win for everyone! 

The only upside of today was that I got to spend a good portion of the day talking to Jean from Little Moso. She even picked up 5 sets of Nukuku bird bowls and cups for her daughters and nieces. What a cute idea to get each girl her own matching set! What really made my day, was that she fell in love with Josephine the Blabla ballerina elephant and when I asked her "which of her daughters it was for" she said "it's not! It's for me and it will sit on my side of the bed and I'll call myself the elephant princess!") Completely adorable! I love that she bought a beautiful gift for herself! I think she'll have a hard time convincing her daughters not to touch it though...

I really hope there are lots more people at the market tomorrow! It will make it a better day for everyone and all the amazingly talented artists deserve way more people looking at their beautiful things. Giving Gifts has gotten lots of new products lately. This is a great chance to get a head start on holiday shopping and grab gifts before they are no longer in stock. 

Portobello West is on Sunday, September 24th from 11:00am to 5:00pm at Creekside Community Centre in Athletes Village on False Creek. Hope to see you there! 

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