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Lisa Loves

Giving Barefoot Books!

I've been selling Barefoot Books at Giving Gifts for a long time. They are one of the biggest sellers whenever I have a booth at a gift show or marketplace. Recently, I decided to sell Barefoot Books directly. So now you have a couple of options, you can order from the selection of Barefoot Books I sell at Giving Gifts, or you can order directly from the Barefoot Books website for a much larger selection. 

You'll have a couple different options for shipping and pick-up too. If you live in Vancouver, I'd love to help you place your order and then you can pick-up your books at the Giving Gifts Vancouver Showroom. If you live somewhere else in Canada or in the USA, please place your order at or and they will ship directly to you. You can also contact me at or 604-831-7780, as I'd love to help you with your order. 

Barefoot Books are always beautifully written and illustrated. Many of their books come with music cds or enhanced cds (can be used on a computer). We have been fans of Barefoot Books for a long time. Playtimes Rhymes for Little People is one of our favourite books of all time. Clare Beaton's illustrations are spectacular (they are felt collages) and flipping through the book while listening to the CD, is one of my kids' favourite activities. Playtime Rhymes can be ordered directly through Barefoot Books at


A couple other Barefoot Books deserve special mention. Both of these books won Gold at the Moonbeam Children's Book Awards in 2012. Both My Mama Earth and the World Atlas are exceptional books! 

My Mama Earth is a gorgeous hardcover book and the perfect gift for any mom! This beautiful book begins, "my mama wakes the eastern sun. And weaves her magic till day's done." Watch the wonder experienced by a small child journeying through the world taking in the many magnificent aspects of nature. This imaginative and lyrical picture book showcases the love between a mother and child, celebrating the ever-changing beauty of the natural world along the way. My Mama Earth can be purchased through or through or


The World Atlas is an awesome book! It is one book that I know my kids will still be looking at 10 years from now!  Divided by geographical region, the Barefoot Books World Atlas looks at the way in which communities and cultures across the world have been shaped by their natural environment, and at the ideas and initiatives which are shaping the future. It is a hardcover book and includes a Pull-Out World Map, Fact-Filled Booklets on each page and Fold-Out Pages! The World Atlas can be purchased through or or 


Please comment and let me know if you have any special Barefoot Books that your kids love. I will reward you with a 20% off coupon code to use at Barefoot Books so you can get more of these special books to add to your collection. (It is great to use when buying gifts too!) 

Lisa Loves! - Barefoot Books! 

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