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Lisa Loves

Weekly Book Deals!

I love getting a deal on anything, but I especially love getting a great deal on books! Books usually have a fixed price and hardly ever go on sale. Not at Barefoot Books! Every week they feature a couple "Dazzling Weekly Deals!" This week the deals are especially great!

Ballet Stories and Dance Stories are suggested for kids aged 6 and up, but my kids have these books, and none of them are 6 yet! They are beautiful hardcover books that include many stories from around the world. Each one includes a story CD with all the stories narrated. My kids love sitting on the couch, holding the books by themselves and listening to the stories. The best part is that it keeps them occupied for a very long time!

I can't believe the price of these books! They are HALF PRICE this week!!! You'll get both hardcover books, with CDs for $23.99! I am going to be ordering a few sets for Giving Gifts and for myself. They will make awesome birthday gifts! If you live in Vancouver and are interested in having me order you a set, be in touch by email - or post a comment on this blog. If you live outside of Vancouver, it is probably easiest for you to order them yourself. Go to and click on the sale items.

The second Weekly Deal is also really great! This set includes 5 Singalong books! They are all beautiful picture books and come with an enhanced CD, that you can watch on your computer or listen to and sing-a-long! Walking through the Jungle (part of this set) is one of my bestsellers at Giving Gifts! All 5 books with CDs are only $34.99 this week only! That makes them $6.99 each! The same thing goes for this set - feel free to send me an email or post a comment on this blog or on Facebook, that you would like a set and I'll order them for you, or just go ahead and order them at There are enough books, that you could even keep a couple for yourself and give the rest away as birthday and Christmas/Chanukah gifts. 

These are both great deals, but they are Weekly Deals, meaning that they will end on Thursday, October 18th - so get your order in soon so you don't miss out!

 Lisa Loves! Weekly Book Deals!!!

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