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A COVID Project - 500 New Gifts Online with DISCOUNT CODE!

A COVID Project - 500 New Gifts Online with DISCOUNT CODE!

Last week I was in Covid prison. It's what I affectionally called my home when I decided to stay there and not leave. A friend I had close contact with tested positive for Covid so I decided to self-quarantine in anticipation that I was likely going to get sick as well.  

The first few days I was so aware that I was making a choice not available to many other people. I was choosing to keep myself away from others voluntarily while waiting for symptoms to start. I felt the overwhelming support I have around me - my kids were well taken care of and had a home to go to where their regular routine was not interrupted and the Giving Gifts store continued on, open every day thanks to our incredible staff. I felt very privileged to be in a position where I could consciously choose to take a couple weeks off of regular life. 

By the fourth day of self-quarantining, I felt the symptoms of Covid - a stuffy nose and intermittent cough but they were so mild that if I wasn't looking for them, I wouldn't have really noticed. Again, I felt very fortunate as that is not the experience for most people have. 

I knew that if I was going to have so much extra time, I wanted a project to focus on. Life is always so busy and I don't usually get any time to myself. I also was very aware that self-isolation can often lead to loneliness and I wanted to consciously create a routine to my days that would be inspiring and motivating so I came up wit the Covid Project - adding 1000 new gifts online while I was at home waiting out my time with Covid! 

It was a big goal! It took most of my time over the week. I was bent over my computer and hyper-focused the entire time trying to reach my goal. I wanted my time in quarantine to represent something and not just a clean house (I did manage to fit that in too). For years, it has bothered me that the online store is not as amazing as the brick-and-mortar space. There are way more gifts in the store if you stop-by in person and I am always trying to play catch-up online. I constantly have a giant stack with lists and lists of beautiful gifts that I'm trying to find the time to add online. I refuse to file anything until it is online so naturally my stack of papers keeps growing. Sometimes, more often than I would want to admit, we completely sell out before I have the chance to add gifts to the website. 

So as my Covid Project, I present our new and improved online store! I didn't quite get to 1000 new gifts, but the store is now filled with 500 more gifts than it had before! If you want to start with the newest gifts and scroll back - starting here is a pretty accurate way.

Here is the list of brands that were newly added or updated in the last couple of days: 

Crowfoot Collective - Rings & Crystal Candles

Starfish Project Jewelry 

Everlasting Candles 

Baggu Reusable Bags

Joco Reusable Glass Coffee Cups

Provisions Food Company

Strut Jewelry 

Cocktail Box 

Salt & Sage Mala Bracelets

Tout de Sweet Marshmallows & Caramels

Standout Boutique Jewelry 

Modern Hippie Skin Care

SweetSmith Candy Co

Midnight Paloma Skin Care

Sweeter Cards

Altar Apothecary

Peregrine Men's Line

Please Notes Guided Journals

& More! 

Also, as a special thank you for all your support during this hard time when everyone seems to be getting Omicron, feel free to use the following discount code: COVIDPROJECT for 10% off all Online purchases, valid until the end of January. It will even give you an extra 10% off on clothing already on sale as well!

(Excludes Giving Crates, Gift Boxes & Gift Cards). Online only. Not valid in store. 

We offer Free Pick-Up, $5 YVR delivery options and Free Shipping options across Canada & the United States, so we've made getting your gifts very easy. Ship a gift directly to yourself or send something special to a friend or family member. We could all use an extra fun surprise during this tough time. 

As for me, I'm out of Covid prison and back to the real life where I'm free to do as I want. (Well mostly.) I fully intend to reach my initial goal and bring the Giving Gifts website to 1000 new gifts by the end of the month. I'll be working hard to make sure your online shopping experience at Giving Gifts is as wonderful as it can be. 

Please take care of yourself and stay healthy. We are thinking of you during this hard time and greatly appreciate your support of Giving Gifts and my Covid Project. 

With Love, 


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