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Lisa Loves

A Year of Decembers!

A Year of Decembers!

This time in January, right at the beginning of the year, is the time we all get excited to make plans, to make goals, to push towards growth in all areas of our lives. In business, that means sitting down to map out the year as far as financial goals and targets we want to reach that will serve as a measure for success at the end of the year. 

As I sat down to write my goals for this year, I added 20% to what we achieved in sales in 2021 and then I sat there staring at the number. I looked at the number long enough to know that something was off. I wasn't motivated by it. I then did the next thing all business owners are told to do, I broke it down by Quarters and then by Month and still the numbers just didn't feel right. They definitely felt very unrealistic, but even more than that, they weren't inspiring at all. I couldn't motivate myself to want to achieve them. In business, we've been taught to set goals and then do everything we can to work towards them, so this was a very new feeling for me. What I had relied on for the last 10 years to keep me going - a drive to achieve - wasn't going to motivate me this year. 

Not only did the numbers feel completely foreign, like an imposter taunting me by being written down on the page, they also made me feel like I'd need to push really hard to make them happen. I've done enough work on myself to know that push energy, that energy of needing to make something happen, is the exact opposite of what I'd like to experience this year. 

So I decided to look at things differently. I decided to throw away the numbers and focus on the feelings I know I want to achieve this year! 

In 2022, I want a year of fun and happiness. I want a year of peace of mind and of trust that everything is going to work out in a wonderful way. I want a year to stabilize all the good in my life and that is happening for the store. I want a year of Decembers! 

In retail, December is the holy grail - the time when everything comes together and you know why you do it all. It is the month with high numbers for sure, but it is also the month with happy customers as everyone is in a good mood. It is the month for beautiful displays and meaningful stories. It is the month for parties and delicious food, new people and interesting conversations. It is the month for fun and joy, shine and sparkle, and a little bit of magic.  

So rather than focus on growth and the numbers, I'm going to spend the year focusing on recreating our December. I'm going to spend the year focusing on the experiences, the conversations, the connections, the impact and the magic. 

With that in mind, we'll be making some changes around the store - like hiring one more staff person (be in touch if that is you!), writing more artists stories, changing up displays, repainting our mural and slowing things way down so we can share the meaning behind every gift. This year, I'm focusing on the impact we're having, the connections we're building and the people we're serving and I'm going to make sure that we have a lot of fun along the way! If the numbers want to come along for the ride, I'd love that, but I'm committed to showing up like it's always December either way!

Cheers to an incredible year!  

xo Lisa 

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