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A Love Letter to My Business

A Love Letter to My Business

Valentines Day 2020 

Dear Giving Gifts, 

I know I don't tell you this nearly often enough, but I love you! 

I also know that you know the truth and that I often think you aren't good enough. I spend the majority of days thinking about ways to change and improve you, but what I really want to tell you today (and every day from now on) is that you are just perfect exactly as you are. From your gorgeous murals, to your quirky rooms, from your website which can never be updated fast enough, to your Instagram page and blog that I can pour my heart into, you are perfection. From your unassuming exterior that hides so much hidden beauty, to you ability to attract the most creative artists and the most thoughtful and caring customers - you are truly special. Watching you grow over the years into this even more glorious version of you has been the best gift. 

What you need to know, is that anything I want to improve in you is just a reflection of myself. All my wishes for you to change and be even better are aspirations and hopes I have for myself. You are a perfect mirror to me, paralleling my life as we grow together. 

You have forced me to lean into growth, learning to lead and and find confidence in my voice. You have shown me that I can't be strong all the time and that is okay.  From you, I have learnt vulnerability and how to put myself out there time and time again. You have made me rise up and be stronger, more courageous, and braver than I ever thought possible. And, you have allowed me to prove to myself that I can struggle and fail, and struggle and fail, and yet keep getting up and trying again. You are a teacher and I know that I am not always a willing student. But you are patient and don't rush me, allowing me navigate this unnatural-to-me business world on my own timing, figuring things out for myself. You also allow me to make mistakes yet somehow manage to save me from myself time and time again.

I am in awe of your ability to inspire and bring people together. I am in love with your ability to open your doors (and heart) and give freely. I admire your humility, the humbleness with which you show up in love every single day.

You are a happy place for so many people, their favourite store, the only one they shop at, a feel-good place, an adult's version of Disneyland, etc... our customers sing your praises daily. And yet, I am the lucky one that gets to have a special connection to you, a love relationship so deeply connected that it is like no other. You are my safe place, the home I have come to when I have nowhere else to go. You have been there for me through the laughter and the tears (and yes there have been lots of tears). But you somehow always manage to bring me back to what is important with your amazing ability to redirect me and encourage me to focus on what I really want, my next action step, the next customer that needs me, the next priority, rather than wallowing in my own hurt and self-pity. You've encourage me to choose love over fear and doubt in every situation. 

You have tested my persistence, my determination and my faith and I am so much stronger for it. And, I love that I can use what I've learnt from you as a example for others who are following their hopes and dreams too. You are an incredible inspiration for all those around you. Everyone who is lucky enough to come across you smiles a little bigger as their life is that much better because of you. You are a warm glow, a ray of sunshine, a shining star in this sometimes dark world. 

Thank you for being my light. Thank you for giving meaning and direction to my life.  Thank you for allowing me to grow with you, and thank you for encouraging me to keep growing with you for many more Valentines Days to come, shining our light a little brighter and brighter every day. 

This Valentines Day and always, I love you. Thank you for being mine, 

Love Me (Lisa) 






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