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Artist Story: Cheryl of Quirky Paper Co.

Artist Story: Cheryl of Quirky Paper Co.

Cheryl is the owner and designer of Quirky Paper Co: a cheeky, cute and colourful brand of Vancouver-made greeting cards and stationary. 

What's the story behind the name of your brand, Cheryl? 
I wanted something that reflected the style and aesthetic I envisioned for my greeting card line. When the word "Quirky" popped up, it seemed to perfectly describe the type of cards I wanted to create, while "Paper Co." spoke to my focus in cards, paper goods and stationery.

Where did your passion for your art come from? 
The tradition of giving cards was passed down to me from my mom;  growing up, I always created cards for friends and family. In high school, I designed a line of handcrafted cards as a fun hobby, but put that on the side when I started attending school for graphic design. After I graduated I began a career as a graphic designer, but was still craving a chance to create. I found leftover envelopes from my high school days and decided to just sign-up for a craft sale (even though I hadn't yet made anything and didn't even have a business name). I was so excited and passionate about it that I kept going after the craft sale and continued growing Quirky Paper Co. into what it is today. 

How has your art shaped you as a person and how you view the world? 
Creating cards brings me so much joy! It's so much fun to think up funny, cheeky, and sometimes wacky ideas, with the hope that it will make someone else laugh, too.  My art is my main source of fun, and creating things keeps me sane. Making things helps me to feel accomplished, because I was able to bring something to life. My husband is also in the creative industry and it definitely affects the way we see the world: the way we notice colour, light, or just the beauty of everyday life and simplicity. 

Tell us about your most proud moment as an artist. 
I am just really proud that I have built a business that I genuinely enjoy, that supports my family, and that allows me to live a flexible and creative lifestyle. 

What was your dream job when growing up? 
To be an artist! I really didn't have a back-up plan. 

How do you define success as an artist? 
Enjoying the work and building a business that supports my family and the lifestyle I want to share with them. 

What advice would you give to an aspiring artist? 
The beginning is always the most daunting so just start—you'll continue to learn, refine and improve. Don't expect perfection (ever) and focus on the small steps of improvement. And, be sure to connect with other like-minded artists you can learn with. 

What do you want someone to feel when the receive a piece of your art? 
I hope my work inspires joy and authentic connection. 

What do you love about being a Giving Gifts artist? 
The store is beautiful and filled with the work of so many artists I know. I love being a part of a space that showcases and celebrates local talent and makers. 

Thank you, Cheryl! Browse Cheryl's unique pieces here. 

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