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Artist Story: Cheryl of Quirky Paper Co.

Artist Story: Cheryl of Quirky Paper Co.

What inspired the name of your business? 
I wanted something that reflected the style and aesthetic I envisioned for my greeting card line. When the word "Quirky" popped up, it seemed to perfectly describe the type of cards I wanted to create, while "Paper Co." spoke to my focus in cards, paper goods and stationery.
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What is the story behind why you started your business?
The tradition of giving cards was passed down to me from my mom, and growing up, I would create cards for friends and family. In high school, I created a line of handcrafted cards as a fun hobby, but put that on the side when I started attending school for graphic design. When I graduated and started a graphic design position, I was still craving a chance to create and found my leftover envelopes from my high school days. I decided to just sign up for a craft sale (even though I hadn't made anything and didn't even have a business name) and started creating new card designs. I was so excited and passionate about it that I kept going after the craft sale and continued growing Quirky Paper Co. into what it is today. 
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What is the dream that you wish to fund through your business? 
I would love for my business to support me and my family live a flexible and creative lifestyle that adapts as our lives changes.

What are you most proud of about your business? 
I'm proud that you can find Quirky Paper Co.'s products in 120+ stores across North America. I really value each of my awesome retail partners!
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How have you grown as a person as a result of your business? 
Running a business has required me to learn continually, seek out advice, meet new people, try new things, recognize things many things about myself and challenge me to step out of my comfort zone. 

What difference does your art make in your life, and your family’s life? 
My art is my main source of fun, and creating things keeps me sane. Making things helps me to feel accomplished in my day because I was able to bring something to life. My husband is also in the creative industry and it affects the way we see the world around us, the way we notice colour, light, or just the beauty of everyday life and simple things. 
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If you could say one thing to the person that buys and/or enjoys your art, what would it be?
Thank you so much for supporting me and independent artists, I truly hope my art brings joy to you and the people you share it with! I absolutely love to hear that it made you smile or laugh, and that motivates me to keep making new work that you'll enjoy.

Why do you love being a part of Giving Gifts?
The store is beautiful and filled with so many vendors I know personally. I love being part of a space that showcases and celebrates local artists and makers. 
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Why we love having Quirky Paper Co. at Giving Gifts: Cheryl's cards aren't just quirky, they're cute, funny, and a perfect fit for the store's big collection of cards! We love how all of our card artists are so different from each other, so there is something for everyone - and Quirky Paper Co. definitely creates cards that will make you laugh, smile, cry, and just feel good, and make your recipient feel good too! She has a huge selection of cards - so come by the shop to see them soon! We also have a selection of them online here.

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