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Artist Story: Clara of C Yarn Hut

Artist Story: Clara of C Yarn Hut

What inspired the name of your business?

When I was thinking of a name for my business, I knew I needed something simple that told people what I do.  So I chose C, for Clara or my signature character Clarissa, and Yarn, because of the material I use, and finally Hut, because I love to crochet in my small room which feels like a little hut for me.

My cousin Eva helped me design my logo. It shows Clara’s small dream house under the starry sky. I suppose when Eva designed the logo, she was trying to tell me to reach for the sky for there is no limit to creativity, and it matches perfectly with my slogan, “Our hut is filled with Yarn, Our heart is filled with Love.”


What is the story behind why you started your business?

I'm an artist with no formal art education. I am a dental assistant by day and crafter by night. I have huge passion for knitting and crocheting. Every free moment I have, I pick up my needles and a ball of yarn to create something that I love.  My friends always say crochet is my day job, and I am dental assistant is my part time! Like many people, my mom taught me my first knitting techniques and gradually I began to explore crocheting and learning new patterns. I am fascinated by the limitless possibilities that a strand of yarn can create. It's like the needle is my wand and before I know it, I am under the magic spell of this art. I have taken C Yarn Hut seriously since 2012 and I have started to really put all my effort into crochet and knitting, and doing something that I love. 

 Crochet Cacti

What is the dream that you wish to fund through your business?

I think I have already achieved the first step of my dream, which is to make myself smile and to make others smile with my amigurumi (loosely translated to the Japanese art form of knitting cute toy friends). The next step of my dream is that I would love to show this traditional art to other people, and teach them the limitless possibilities that a single strand of yarn can create.


What are you most proud of about your business?

I am proud of bringing my business from nothing to something.  From no one knowing what C Yarn Hut is, who I am or who Clarissa (my signature character) is, to now being called Clarissa by many people who know my company! 

I am also proud of the smile on my customers’ faces, which is priceless. I can’t feel this way from anything else.  I guess I have achieved my slogan “Keep Knitting Keep Crocheting and Share the Love”

C Yarn Hut Mushrooms

How have you grown as a person as a result of your business?

It has made me believe that working hard can bring lucky things to your life, and also the amount of desire I have to reach my dream affects how far I can go in my business.


What difference does your art make in your life, and your family’s life?

Art brings a lot of joy in my life and it has brought me many new friends with the same interests.  The most important thing is, art is a way that I can express myself, not only to release stress, but also to make me happy.

C Yarn Hut Bunny

If you could say one thing to the person that buys and/or enjoys your art, what would it be?

Thank you to all the love and support, C Yarn Hut can’t be C Yarn Hut without you. 

I wish for everyone to Feel it, Enjoy it, Love it, and Share the Love! 

Why do you love being a part of Giving Gifts?

Lisa and the team at Giving Gifts have showed me how much they love art and how much they respect the vendors’ work, and I'm always appreciative that they love to communicate with me regularly.

Why we love having C Yarn Hut at Giving Gifts:

C Yarn Hut is such a cute and colourful addition to the store. Customers LOVE Clara's crocheted cactus and succulent creations. They make the best little gifts - a plant that will last forever! Her Christmas ornaments are also really unique and they made our display trees look adorable in December. View her work here.

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