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Lisa's Review - Mask by Modern Hippie

Lisa's Review - Mask by Modern Hippie

Surprisingly, even to myself, I've never tried a Face Mask! We sell so many at the store and over the years I've brought many of them home but I've never actually taken the time to try one. I'm all for Self Care Sundays and love seeing the photos and hearing the long lists of what people do for themselves but somehow I've never gotten into the habit of taking care of my face (on Sundays or any other day) beyond my usual routine. Last week, I decided to change all that and brought home yet another mask, but this time I promised myself I would use it that evening, regardless of how late it got or how tired I was. 

It took until midnight to finally feel like I had completed all my essential tasks for the day. Maybe because it was deliriously late, or perhaps because I always feel like I'm just talking to myself and no one actually sees it, I decided to film myself on Instagram Stories trying the face mask. If you'd like to see me make a fool of myself and see my honest facial reactions, see Face Mask in IG Stories at @givinggiftsca 

My first thought about the Modern Hippie Mask was that it was perfect because it is easy. Most masks are powder and the thought of mixing with water seemed like that extra step I would never take. The Modern Hippie Mask comes in a glass jar ready to apply. Now that I've braved my first mask, I'll need to try a powder one next time to compare. The Modern Hippie Mask itself is grey and clay-like. It goes on very smoothly and was easy to apply. The jar says that it is "rich with minerals and micro-sized particles which create the ultimate detoxification experience. Jojoba beads provide gentle exfoliation." All that sounded perfect to me. Within a minute or two or applying it, my face started to tingle. Apparently, that is the official mask terminology. (I am a rookie so I called it stinging in my IG Story). Although, it is a slight sting (more than what I would consider a tingle). The "tingling" quickly turned into a cooling sensation. I was pretty impressed with both as I wasn't expecting to feel anything to know that the mask was working, but both felt like clear signs that a big transformation was in fact taking place. 

The instructions say to leave the mask on for 20 to 30 minutes so I used that time to do a yoga video. I thought I was pretty brilliant to come up with that idea. I am sure it has been done before, but why not face mask while on your yoga mat? I felt such a sense of accomplishment for completing the yoga video. I went into the bathroom all proud of myself and was completely shocked. What I didn't expect to see was a dry cracking green face looking back at me! I tried to get a pretty angle on video, but really there was nothing nice about a dry face mask at all other than that it is a sign to wash it off. I was really happy with how easily the mask came off. I used warm water and a circular motion with my fingers, as the package suggests, and it came right off.

The first thing I noticed was how soft my face felt. I have never felt it that soft before. I became obsessed with touching it! I did get one small red spot, a pimple, that emerged. Apparently, that is common and a sign that you needed the mask, as the mask brought it to the surface so that it could clear. I was a bit proud to see it, another sign for a newbie that the mask worked!


(Image from Modern Hippie. This is NOT me!) 

I followed up the mask with Modern Hippie Serum - my absolute favourite product in the entire store! I have been using it for years and LOVE it! I also used K'pure Eyes Up which is a very close second. It's been a few days now since the mask and my face looks great. It is still soft and completely clear and smooth. Overall, I really enjoyed the experience and I'm excited to keep using it and trying other masks so I have something to compare. It looks like yoga videos and face masks may become my new weekly routine and if I change the day to Sundays (or pretend to), I too can proudly add to the hashtag #selfcaresundays  Although, I may want to think of other things to add to my self care list. Please comment with what's on yours? I'd love to hear ideas! 

As a special promotion, Modern Hippie is offering a free lip conditioner with any purchase from the face care line. Choose from the Mask, Toner, Serum or Cleanser. The small print: one per person and only valid at Giving Gifts - 4570 Main Street or online at


Mask Key Ingredients:

Canadian Glacial Clay is enriched with phytoplanktonand considered one of the most pure clays on the market in terms of concentration or minerals and elements. The clays new negative ion charge attracts most positively charged bacteria, contaminants and toxins, thereby detoxifying and deeply cleansing skin. The micro-sized particles have amazing absorptive ability. The clay also softens skin, which smoothes the appearance of wrinkles, improves blood circulation and leaves skin glowing. Jojoba Beads are biodegradable micro beads that provide gentle exfoliation.Peppermint Oil provides a refreshing scent and it’s dual action warming/cooling sensation is reputed for relieving inflammation, softening skin and treating oily skin


Mask Directions:  

Apply mask to clean skin with a foundation brush or fingertips. Allow to completely dry (20-30 minutes) then exfoliate while removing, using gentle pressure and a circular motion.

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