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Lisa Loves

Rebel Girls

Rebel Girls

I am in love with the Rebel Girls books! I bought the first one for my daughters (and son) when I saw it at our local bookstore. It is a gorgeous hardcover book and we all immediately fell in love. We were impressed by the stories and loved looking at the art. I appreciated that each story is short so we read 2 or 3 of them at night before going to bed. 

My kids love looking up where each rebel girl lived on the map and seeing how long she lived and if she is still alive. They love discussing the parts of the story they don't quite understand in further detail and looking closely at the pictures to pick out their favourite artists. 

My kids and I were always in love with the books but it wasn't until I was at a class picnic with my youngest daughter's class that I truly understood the power of these books. The teacher had told the kids to bring blankets and books and games with them to entertain themselves at the park for the afternoon. I volunteered as a class parent to help supervise the kids. I was in awe of a few of the girls as they had the Rebel Girls books, both the navy one (Book 1) and the teal one (Book 2) tucked under their arms. These girls were reading the best thing they could be reading - stories about powerful women who had made a difference and changed the world. There were so taken by the books that they choose to bring them to school to share them with their friends! These girls were going to start a revolution! 

I am so excited for the newest Rebel Girl Book! It is being released on December 5th just in time for holiday shopping. There are still a few days of Chanukah left, so make sure to preorder it so you'll have it in time. The newest book is a journal, A Journal to Start Revolutions.  

I Am a Rebel Girl: A Journal to Start Revolutions is a feminist activity book that is designed to encourage girls to lead the revolution of our time. The one-of-a-kind journal is filled with 100 activities that challenge perspective, induce thought, and prompt action. With “I Am a Rebel Girl” in hand, girls will write love notes to their favorite body parts, draw themselves climbing mountains and more. The journal is the companion to Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, the global best-selling series by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo. 

I can't wait to get it for my girls and I know that it is the gift I'll be giving to all the little (and big) girls in my life this holiday season. I am also going to grab a few extra as I know they will make the best birthday presents throughout the year too. 

Journals are now available for purchase! We have a limited quantity so if you know a girl that needs a journal, we'd encourage you to order soon or come by the store to pick up your copy. 

Click here to find Rebel Girls Book 1 

Click here to find Rebel Girls Book 2

Click here for the 2 volume gift set. 

Click here to find the I Am A Rebel Girl Journal



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