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Meet the Makers Week 2!

Meet the Makers Week 2!

March is Meet the Makers Month at Giving Gifts! We are already in week 2.

Every week we are featuring different artists. You'll save 10% off their items all week leading up to their special Saturday in the store!  Every Saturday, our artists will be at the store from Noon to 6pm to meet you! They are excited for the chance to meet their customers and will have FREE GIFTS. 

When you shop with a featured artists while they are at the store on a Saturday, you'll receive a FREE GIFT with purchase. PLUS everything from each artist is 10% off during their feature week!


Featured Makers: March 8th to 14th
Meet them on Saturday, March 14th between Noon and 6 pm

Jasmine - Wild Jasmine Apothecary


Jasmine created her business to provide affordable high quality non-toxic body care products. Many of her ingredients are sourced from her family's farm in Lister, BC. She has a beautiful line of products from rejuvenating hair oil to a luxurious botanical facial steam, and so much more!

All Wild Jasmine Apothecary is 10% off in store now until March 14th. 

Kevin - Littlewood


Kevin describes his work as "Unlocking the mysteries buried in aged wood," which is such a beautiful perspective! He truly brings out the beauty and mystery of each piece of wood in his gorgeous bowls. They are all unique and not just ornamental - they are created to be used and loved.

All Littlewood items are 10% off in store now until March 14th. 




Ann describes her work as "exploring the boundaries between sculptural and functional". She always as an exact vision of her next design and works hard to make it a reality. She is deeply moved and inspired by intangible harmony of music, sounds of the ocean and the tension between urban and natural. Her ceramics are a perfect reflection of this inspiration.

All GOLEM items are 10% off in store until March 14th. 

Meet them in the store every Saturday between noon and 6pm for the best selection and free gift with purchase directly from the artist!

March 8th - 14th
Save 10% on:
Littlewood | Wild Jasmine Apothecary | GOLEM designs

March 15th - 21st
Save 10% on:
Street Cat Designs | Pukalily | Elena Markelova  

March 22nd - 28th
Save 10% on: 
Rascal Remedies | Eiffel and Eyre | Helena Lane Skincare | Blue Trimble Design

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