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Artist Story: Tandis and Tara of Two Sisters

Artist Story: Tandis and Tara of Two Sisters

Tandis & Tara are the owners and artists behind Two Sisters: a BC-based, sister-run brand of watercolour greeting cards, prints and more. 

Where does the inspiration for your art come from, Tandis & Tara? 
We both love nature and botanicals—which you can probably tell! 

How has your art shaped you as people and how you see the world? 
When we're in the moment, creating our art, all we feel is love and beauty; any stress or negativity disappears. It's very therapeutic and calming—a form of meditation. Art invites us to see the beauty of the world. 

How do you define success as artists? 
We like to think of it as Maya Angelou described: "Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it." 

What do you want someone to feel when they receive a piece of your art? 
Happiness! We hope they appreciate the beauty in simple and small things. 

What advice would you offer to an aspiring artist? 
Stay true to what you love. It can be tempting when you're just starting out to succumb to what others say you should do differently, but what you offer should be from your heart—that's what will make you stand out as different. 

What do you love about being a Giving Gifts artist? 
Giving Gifts was one of the first stores we stocked our cards in! We love the originality and personality of the store and it's dedication to local art. 

What was your dream job when growing up? 
Tandis: An architect or a back-up dancer.
Tara: A detective or veterinarian. 

How do you take time for yourselves? 
Being in nature: going hiking and swimming. 

What do you feel most appreciated, both in work and in life? 
Tandis: When someone helps me out or does something supportive for me; my love language is acts of service. 
Tara: When I'm told that I'm appreciated or that I've done a good job; my love language is words of affirmation. 

What mantra to you tell yourselves when facing a challenge? 
Trust the process and yourself! Everything that comes your way is a part of your journey and growth. 

Thank you Tandis & Tara! Check out their unique art here

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