Giving Gifts & Company

Giving Gifts is all about giving – giving to friends and family, giving to yourself and giving to others around the world. Our gifts are fair trade and eco-friendly so you are truly giving in so many ways. All our products are unique and fun so the special people you give them to will truly love them. As consumers we make choices with all our purchases, so buy the change you want to see in the world!




A Little About Me:
I’ve always loved finding the perfect gift for my friends and family. I often buy items way ahead of time like a Christmas gift in July because I know I’ve found something a particular person is going to love. More often, however, I am a couple months late in giving a gift because I didn’t find the perfect present in time. I always take great pride in giving presents that are unique and handmade. At our home we give gifts a lot. Two of our kids were born in December so we started a tradition of giving all the kids gifts on their half birthdays. That way they don’t receive all their presents for the entire year in one month. We also give a gift each night of Chanukah – that’s eight presents per child! I’ve always enjoyed giving gifts and I am sure you do too. Giving Gifts is a way to honour those you love with unique and fun products they are going to love, while at the same time giving to the world and our environment and all those in it.

Thanks so much for giving gifts,
Lisa Pozin (Mom to Rylan, Jadeyn and Myelle)