Giving Gifts

Giving Gifts is all about giving – giving to friends and family, giving to yourself and giving to others around the world. Our gifts are locally made, fair trade and eco-friendly so you are truly giving in so many ways. All our products are unique and fun so the special people you give them to will truly love them. As consumers we make choices with all our purchases, so buy the change you want to see in the world! Give Gifts that Give! 

At Giving Gifts we specialize in creating personalized, custom gifts that gives back on many levels:

Giving Gifts specializes in branded corporate and client gifts. Please visit our sister website to see an example of the Giving Crate side of our business. We are so much more than the gift crates and gift boxes we create, so please be in touch if you would like a personalized gifting proposal to represent your brand. We look forward to the opportunity to curate and personalize our beautiful gifts. 


A Little About Lisa, Founder & Owner of Giving Gifts:
I founded Giving Gifts as a way of bringing together beautiful brands and local artists that are making a difference through their creations. A gift is beautiful, but a gift with a story behind it is beautiful and meaningful. 

To get an idea of who I am and what I love about Giving Gifts & Company, please read my love letter to my business - written Valentines Day 2017. 

Thanks for Giving Gifts!