Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Giving Gifts
Giving Gifts’ commitment is to carrying products from companies that respect and sustain the environment and promote and practice fair and open trade ethics and principles. Products and that protect and preserve the environment and environmental sustainability are a priority. As our friends at Boom Boom Cards say, Giving Gifts "is a part of the newly emerging 4th Sector of commerce: For Good and For Profit," offering products that do social and environmental good at a sustainable price that help make the world a better place. 10% of profits from Giving Gifts goes directly to Charity. In 2010 our charity of choice is Carli's Kids. Giving Gifts is a environmentally and socially aware and socially generous company and all our products are from produced by companies that are the same. Through Giving Gifts, you can help buy the change you want to see in the world!

What is Fair Trade to Giving Gifts?

Why buy Fair Trade Gifts?
By purchasing fair trade handcrafted products you are helping to create income and ultimately a better life for artisans and their families. Giving Gifts believes that crafts people should be paid directly and fairly for their talent. 

Fair trade helps the producers and has already helped many communities out of poverty. Fair trade works! Systems of good working conditions, education, water supply are among only few of the benefits for the producers. Fair trade puts the emphasis not solely on profits, but also on the people. Therefore, although the profits are maximized, the social good that is produced is greater than the financial benefit that may be achieved. Fair trade encourages businesses to be responsible. It also often creates new entrepreneurs. Fair trade promotes sustainable business practices and entrepreneurship instead of aid, which is non-sustainable. (The idea that we should teach fishing, rather than hand out fish.) Fair trade gifts are often of higher quality than mass factory produced products, because there is individual attention to the item being produced. It is made by hand with love!

What is Eco Friendly to Giving Gifts?

Who are Carli’s Kids and what is Abetavu Children’s Village and why does Giving Gifts donate to them?
Carli Travers is a native of Coquitlam, BC that has adopted 12 Ugandan street children that were abandoned by their families and is raising them with her husband, Robert in Kampala, Uganda. Carli and Robert have purchased 11 acres of land on the outskirts of Kampala and are about to start construction of the Children’s Village. When complete, Abetavu (Safe Haven) will not only provide a healthy, loving environment for up to 100 children, but will also serve as a hub for the local community, providing much needed access to basic health care and primary education.

For more information on Carli and Robert and Abetavu, please visit Carli’s Kids