Here at Envirosax we make no claim to the use of the ‘Fair Trade’ symbol or terminology.  However we uphold the principles through all stages of our production, distribution and sales.

Our bags are produced in China where there is no Fair Trade Organization – instead in all our production we follow the new Chinese Labor Laws.

These laws ensure (amongst other things) that:

In addition to following these laws strictly, we have an Australian employee who is on our factory site in China every day, who overseas all operations to ensure the highest Workplace Health & Safety standards for employee’s, while also ensuring high quality control.

As well as the day-to-day direct contact with factory workers, twice yearly the Envirosax owner’s Belinda and Mark David-Tooze visit and inspect the factory site.

Currently, Envirosax is in the process of gaining approval for use of the Fair Trade label for our Organic Cotton Series bags. These bags are created in Peru using organic materials produced by local farmers under the Fair Trade guidelines.