Piggy Paint Reviews

"Hi Lisa,
Just received the Piggy paint and we love it! The colors are nice and vibrant and the shine is great. My 3 year old put a different color on every nail ( too cute). I'm so happy that the nail polish remover does not give you a headache after using it. ( no smell which is great!)
Thanks again, Christina"                                                - Christina Skalkos via Email, July 18th, 2011


"Me and my daughter both love Piggy Paint - - and I can attest to it's water-solubility after she spilled the entire bottle on her bed/dolly/wall/floor/curtains/pyjamas and then proceeded to rub it all up and down her arms. Her and dolly ...cleaned off nicely in the bath with a little soap and scrubbing, as did the walls. The bedsheet and clothing stained a little bit, but not too bad. I still have to scrape it off the wood floor. Mental note not to forget the bottle in the bedroom after painting fingernails!!"     
                                                                                        - Irene Roman via Facebook, July 22nd, 2010


"Every time I open the bottles, I can't believe how odourless the Piggy Paint polish & remover is.  Kids love to wear polish and this seems so much healthier for them.  I also feel better using it myself, especially right now while I'm pregnant.  And now my husband doesn't try to kick me out of the room because he can't stand the smell when I paint my toes!"
                                                                                       - Nancy Gillis via Email, August 30th, 2010