Shoo-Foo Reviews


One of the greatest seasons of giving gifts is just around the corner, and I know that I really enjoy giving gifts to my friends and family. It's so special to see their excitement and joy at receiving a gift that was meant just for them. Giving Gifts recently sent us a wonderful gift that is perfect for bathtime. We received a set of three Shoo-Foo Organic Bamboo Washcloths. They are absolutely luscious and are used during bathtime as often as possible. The washcloths are thick, soft and fluffy - very high quality! Did you know that they are actually 400 percent more absorbent than cotton? Wow!! The washcloths are also anti-bacterial and mold and mildew resistant. Between that and the fact that they are made from bamboo - which replenishes itself very quickly, these washcloths make a great gift for your family - and since they are completely eco-friendly, they give back to our environment as well!

Giving Gifts
is a shop that is ALL about giving. They love to encourage giving gifts to your family and friends (or even to yourself! :) ). Giving Gifts has a wonderful selection of unique and fun gifts for the whole family...if you're looking for that "perfect" gift, Giving Gifts would be a great place to start looking! Every one of their gifts are both fair trade and eco-friendly so through that you are also giving to the environment, and to others around the world. Finally, Giving Gifts gives a portion of their earnings to Carli's Kids which helps to build the Abetavu Children's village for street kids in Uganda. So you see, you really can't deny that Giving Gifts really believes in you, to others and to our world!