Tav Studio - Tanvi Arora's Artist Story


TAV Studio emerged from my desire to infuse more hands-on work into my creative background. Having worked as an interior designer for almost a decade, I was looking for something that I could create with my own hands.

On a random day, I signed up for a pottery class as a therapeutic respite, and the rest as they say is history. I knew this was something that was going to be a constant in my life. That class didn't just give me a hobby that I absolutely loved but also inspired me to follow my heart and trust my instincts.

Having lived in Dubai all my life, I decided to call Vancouver home a few years ago. My husband and I packed our bags and moved across oceans to find our place here in this beautiful and inspiring city. I now create from my studio in Vancouver, BC, that I share with another ceramicist, where I put on some music and lose myself at my wheel. I carefully wheel throw or hand build every single item in the shop. They are then hand painted with beautiful glazes and fired to 2200 degrees Fahrenheit that give it the strength and resilience of stoneware. 

Please look around and I hope you find something you love.

Tanvi Arora