Teacher's Giving Crate
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Teacher's Giving Crate

The Teacher's Giving Crate is a beautiful way to thank a teacher for a wonderful year! It can be given on behalf of a whole class and includes so many beautiful gifts that every teacher will love. So much thought and care has gone into creating this perfect gift for teachers. They even include an apple! (It is handmade from pottery and so fun to include in the crates). 

The Teacher's Giving Crate is filled with useful and fun gifts that teachers will love. Collect on behalf of the whole class and give a truly meaningful gift to say thanks to that special teacher in June. 

Teacher's Giving Crates are filled to the brim with practical and beautiful items for a teacher's desk, including: a notebook, a wood pencil holder a beautiful bookmark, a small plant, etc... as well as a pampering items for the teacher to take home such as handmade soaps and creams and relaxing bath soak. We can even include a handstamped necklace that says: INSPIRE TEACH, as well as a floral arrangement. 

Teacher's Giving Crates can also include delicious treats to enjoy over the summer. They can also be customized for Male teaches with different gifts. 

All Giving Crates are personalized for the person receiving them. When you place an order for a Giving Crate, you'll receive an online form to complete so we can get a few more details to make sure the Giving Crate is perfect. Giving Crates are truly the BEST gifts. All items included in our Giving Crates are locally made, eco friendly and/or fair trade made. 

Please note that all items included in the Giving Crate may not be exactly as pictured, but we ensure that they will be equally as nice. X-Large Crate is pictured in the photo.