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Lisa Loves

Lisa Loves - Raven + Lily!

The Raven + Lily’s Spring 2014 Collection is stunning! I'm so proud to carry this line at Giving Gifts. Each piece is not only gorgeous to wear, but has a beautiful and unique story behind it as well.  Each item is made by artisans in India, Kenya, Cambodia and Ethiopia to empower women and break poverty through employment opportunities. This blog features a few of the beautiful pieces from the new collection. 


The Anna Vintage Rose Silk Infinity Scarf is made by an artisan named Vilma, who lives near the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in India. Vilma uses vintage rose silk to create the scarf and adds a pale, tie-dye print by using natural dye using seasonal plants and vegetables. The Anna Scarf is one of my favourites from the new collection. It is so light and long. It can be wrapped twice creating three layers of draping sil

 Anna Vintage Rose Silk Infinity Scarf - $68


The Telau Gold Braid Wrap Bracelet/Necklace is handmade by HIV+ women who live near Entoto Mountain in Ethiopia. Each piece of jewelry is created with recycled silver, copper and brass beads created from melted down bullet casings. The Ethiopica collection transforms what was once meant for harm into something beautiful! 

Telau Gold Braid Wrap Bracelet/Necklace - $88


The Srey Short Tank Dress is eco-friendly as it is made with repurposed remnant jersey. The pattern from each pocket is hand-screened by women in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. These women hope to break the cycle of poverty, and provide for their families through design.

Srey Short Tank Dress - $114


The Ashoka Make-up Bags feature screen-printed designs made in partnership with women at Freeset in India. Freeset aims to empower women who have been freed from sex trafficking.

Ashoka Make-up Bags - $22

I hope you love this beautiful line as much as I do! The Neary Plume Tee has already become one of my favourites to wear. It looks great with everything and I feel great knowing I'm wearing a t-shirt that has really made a difference. Shop with a purpose with Raven + Lily at Giving Gifts

Raven + Lily!

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