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My Daily Notes

For the past few months, I've been writing a couple sentences a day about each of my kids and my husband. They each have their own notebooks (Ecojot of course)! I am more conscious of what they do throughout the day, watching a little more closely than I used to, trying to find special moments to capture and remember. I usually write them down at the end of the day but every so often I sneak in an entry when I have the chance. I love how beautiful the notebooks look, I love that I have a special note from every day about each of them, I love that I'm watching my kids more closely and that it has made me more appreciative of my husband and I really love how one day, my kids will be able to read the notebooks and learn about themselves as kids. It takes me 10 minutes a day to write in the notebooks, but they are moments that will now be captured forever. 

My Daily Notes - Lisa Loves! 

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