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Lovey's Tushi Stick


I wish I could post before and after pictures of my baby's diaper area, but 1. it is a little inappropriate - I'm sure she'd never forgive me when she got older and 2. I don't have any before pictures and don't really want to recreate it :) 

But Lovey's Tushi Stick really works! My kids have never had diaper rash, so I never spent much time worrying about that area. But our third baby is a little more prone to rashes - she had a huge one on her face for months that we are still working to get rid of. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago her diaper area started to get a little red. I didn't think much of it and didn't do anything about it and gradually it got worse and worse until quite a bit was red. Well three days ago I had the brilliant idea (really this isn't so brilliant as I sell Lovey's all the time at Giving Gifts) to try it on her. I applied a pretty thick coat a couple of times a day for the last three days and guess what? She woke up this morning and the rash is completely gone. Gone, gone, gone! I really would love to post a picture and show you how gone it is. After having the rash for weeks, it is now gone! I am really impressed with Lovey's Tushi Stick

Lisa Loves! - Lovey's Tushi Stick

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