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Silver Trumpet Jewellery


I just changed the name of the Giving Gifts' blog to Lisa Loves! And I am going to do my best to update it way more often with all the things I love! Most of them will be from Giving Gifts - because of course I absolutely love everything I have at Giving Gifts, but occasionally (or not so occasionally if I find the time) I'll post other items I love. 

And the first on my list, is this beautiful necklace I got from Andrea from Silver Trumpet Jewellery.  She was in the booth beside me yesterday at the Little Mountain Market and I had a hard time not spending all the money I made at her table! I bought a necklace that is very similar to this one - but with two birds and pink flowers and a little flower charm. I love the romantic, vintage look to Andrea's jewellery. There are a couple more pieces that I will be buying from Silver Trumpet, including a locket that I have in mind for a gift - I've just got to figure out a way to shrink pictures that small! I'd post them for you to see - but they are all one-of-a-kind, so I don't want anyone stealing the ones I love! 

Okay, check out Silver Trumpet on Etsy and let me know what you think. Do you have a favourite Vancouver Jewellery Designer? 


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