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Shoo-Foo Bamboo Washcloths

We went out for dinner to the new Rocky Mountain Flatbread tonight. It is so close to our house, has the same great food as the one in Kits and the play area is perfect for the kids. My husband and I got to enjoy a semi-relaxed meal with great food and the kids got to eat and play or play and eat or play and not eat - whatever option they choose, I don't really mind. I hate messes - especially messy faces and hands. The best trick I've discovered for eating out a restaurants, is to bring my own washcloth! Restaurants can never give us enough napkins for the mess my kids make - a Shoo-Foo washcloth cleans up the mess with no waste and I don't feel like I'm scraping off half their face with a dry napkin trying to get the gunk off. I truly love Shoo-Foo Bamboo washcloths - they are the thickest, softesst washcloths I have ever felt. They are way more absorbent than cotton and since they are bamboo, they are naturally anti-bacterial as well.  Really, I can't say enough great things about Shoo-Foo washcloths. They are pure luxury!

Lisa Loves! - Shoo-Foo Bamboo Washcloths! 

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