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Lisa Loves

Days at the Farm

My kids and I spent the day at the farm today. There are lots of great farms out there, but this one I feel a particular attachment to since I get vegetables from this farm every Tuesday. Stephen Galagher runs Nathan Creek Organic Farm as a CSA - Community Supported Agriculture Project. People buy shares of the farm for the entire season and every week (for 20 weeks), farmer Stephen divides what is grown between all the members. Being a part of a farm and eating the freshest organic veggies every week and going out to the farm for a day every so often is very special for my family. Today, my kids followed the chickens around clucking and acting like them, ran through the rye field and played tag and hide and seek in the rye (it was way over their heads), climbed a plum tree and ate all the plums they could reach and learned all about bees and beekeeping from Mike Horenberger (Rylan had tones of questions including what bees eat). The older kids went out on the canoe (there is a small lake) and were catching frogs and tadpoles. We ate lunch under the plum tree. It was a really nice day! We spend a lot of time in the city, so chances to get away for the day and run wild on the farm are experiences my kids and I appreciate. 

I was thinking about all the Giving Gifts' items we used for our day on the farm: 
2 lunchboxes (to transport lunch for 4 people), 
2 Envirosax Bags (1 for 3 giant towels to sit on at lunchtime and 1 for the brownies, sunscreen, camera, hats and everything else kids need for a day at the farm), 
3 Earthlust Waterbottles filled with cold water 
1 Itzy Ritzy Snackbag (today it was filled with fishy crackers) 
1 Shoo-Foo washcloth -  farms lead to super-messy faces and hands!

I bet if I really tried, I could have used a few more :)  I picked up some corn, peaches and cherries from a stand on the way home and put them in Keep Leaf Produce bags - if that counts...   

Lisa Loves! - Days at the Farm (Sorry there are no pictures yet - I'll get some off my camera and post them soon.) 

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