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Lisa Loves

Little Jots Notes

Little Jots just announced a Back-to-School special offer - buy a package of Little Jots and get a free refill pack (valued at $7)! And since Little Jots are currently on sale at Giving Gifts as part of our Back-to-School Sale (ends August 31st, 2011) - now is the best time to buy them! 

Here are all the reasons why I love Little Jots

1. My mornings are really busy, it is not like I need one more thing to do when I'm trying to herd 3 kids out the door, but taking a minute to write a loving message to my son to read later in the day is a moment to focus just on him and what I'd like to say to him and it usually relaxes me surprisingly :) On those days where the minute and a half needed to write a note is just not going to happen - I just grab a pre-written note or reuse one of my previous notes. 

2. I love the idea that he is reading my note later on the day - it always brightens up my morning thinking about it. 

3. He always mentions what I wrote in the note when he gets home! He remembers it and is is special to him and that is really cool. 

4. My son is just learning to read - so I have to be careful to write clearly and use simple words that he'll understand. I think it is neat that he is practicing his reading with the notes. 

5. I use the notes to remind him what is going to happen that day. If he has a playdate after school I'll write it in the note, if someone else is picking him up, if he needs to bring something home or ask his teacher for something I often use the note to remind him. 

I also asked my son about what he likes about Little Jots - He said (keep in mind that he is 4): 

1. "The Kiss and Hug stickers" - I let him pick the sticker to seal his note with each morning. 

2. "I like the love mommy" - I always write "love mommy" at the bottom

3. "I like the pictures" - the happy faces I draw all over them when I run out of things to write :) 

4. 'I don't like when it is hard to read" - that is on days when I'm in a rush and my handwritting is messy!

Lisa and Rylan Love! - Little Jots

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