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Lisa Loves

Best Gifts for Adults

All stocking stuffers from Giving Gifts are less than $20! They are also great for Chanukah gifts if your family has the tradition of giving one gift each night. 

1. Brand new! This small, 12 oz Envirosax Waterbottle is beautiful and easy to use. It is BPA free and comes in three great designs. Flowers, Dots and Leaves

2. Keep Leaf Cup Sleeves are great. They look gorgeous and insulate your coffee/tea cup and protect your hand at the same time. All the patterns are beautiful - you can't go wrong! 

3. Itzy Ritzy Reusable Snackbags are awesome for adults! You can use it in your purse to organize your makeup or use it for snacks or sandwiches. Everyone should have a reusable snack bag and Giving Gifts carries 13 different designs. 

4. Earthulust waterbottles are by far the best quality waterbottles on the market! This 20 oz bottle is stunning to look at and BPA free. There are 3 different sizes of Earthlust Bottles and 10 different designs.  

5. Piggy Paint Natural Nail Polish, Refind series is made for adults! In the Flesh is a nude colour that is subtle, yet beautiful. There are 4 different Piggy Paint Refind polishes to choose from at Giving Gifts.  

6. Envirosax Slingsaxs are the perfect over-the-shoulder bag made from recycled fabric. They open really big with two extra pockets, but roll down really small when not needed. 

7. Ecojot Notebooks are made in Canada from 100% recycled paper! Everyone could use a new notebook - they are the perfect gift!

8. Boom Boom Cards are acts of kindness cards that you complete and track online. They are the perfect challenge for a friend or co-worker and keep on giving over and over again. 

9. Envirosax MiniSax bags make the perfect lunchbag, snackbag, small items bag, etc... The easily fold into a small pocket on the inside of the bag. 

10. Envirosax Bags are the absolute perfect gift! Everyone can use an extra bag, especially one that rolls down tiny to take up no space at all. When unrolled, Envirosax bags are big and strong and beautiful! The only hard part is picking which pattern you like best! If you have lots of people to shop for, I'd suggest buying a pouch of Envirosax Bags and splitting it up - such a simple, yet practical gift. 

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