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Brand New Yubo Lunchboxes!

I am so excited that I just received a new shipment of Yubo lunchboxes!



The purple lunchboxes are gorgeous and work so well with the I love Horses and Butterflies Faceplates.

Yubo lunchboxes really are the best! They are so easy to clean. The containers work so well - they don't leak and the sizes are perfect. I highly recommend grabbing a package of medium size containers. I rarely pack lunches without using them. The drink holder is also handy to have, especially for younger kids. Although, I find that I usually pack my son's waterbottle in his backpack, so if your child is carrying a backpack as well, you'll likely find it unnecessary.

My middle child is going to kindergarten this year and in BC it is full day. I'm a little nervous about it as she is a pretty shy child and she still likes to nap a couple of hours a day. She can't pick a favourite colour and every time I ask her, she just says "rainbow". I ordered her the upright rainbow personalized faceplate and can't wait to give it to her for her first day at school. She is going to love it! I hope it makes the transition to going to kindergarten easier for her (and for me!)

Personalized faceplates are so easy to order. They can be ordered online and ship directly to each customer from Yubo. If I don't have the design you are interested in listed on the Giving Gifts website, please be in touch by email at as it is likely that I can order it for you.

Have fun and play with your food with Yubo!




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