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Artist Story: Jamie of Scandinazn

Artist Story: Jamie of Scandinazn

Where did the name of your business come from? 
The name “Scandinazn” comes from my mixed Japanese & Swedish heritage. It’s pronounced “scandin-asian”. A draw on inspiration from the bold shapes and colours of Scandinavian design and the subtle intricacies of Japanese design. 
What is the story behind why you started your business?
Because of my interest in fashion and lack of funds at a young age, I began repurposing my old clothing to make it into something new and fashionable. At university, I learned about the wasteful nature of the fashion industry, and vowed to minimize my carbon footprint as much as possible through my work. I was inspired to start a brand using recycled materials, and ended up gravitating more towards jewelry than clothing.
What is the dream that you wish to fund through your business? 
I hope to expand Scandinazn to include printed textile goods and other accessories one day. As consumers, we create so much waste, and I aim to create beautiful and meaningful products made from previously-loved items.
What are you most proud of about your business? 
I’m proud to be able to do this as a full-time job. Over the past 5 years, this business has been a side-hustle for me, and in November I quit my job to pursue Scandinazn full-time.
How have your grown as a person as a result of your business? 
Through this business, I’ve strengthened my community bonds, and learned how important it is to surround yourself with good people. 
What difference does your art make in your life, and your family’s life? 
My paternal grandparents taught me how important art is as a daily component to a fulfilling life. Whether it’s enjoying a well-crafted piece of music, watching a movie, flipping through Pinterest or putting ink to paper, the presence of art in my life makes each day special.
If you could say one thing to the person that buys and/or enjoys your art, what would it be?
I would want them to know that each item is made completely by hand, designed with care, and created with intention of crafting something beautiful out of something discarded. 
Why do you love being a part of Giving Gifts? 
We love being part of this unique and beautiful store, tucked into upper Mount Pleasant. Stepping into the space always fills one with delight, and we're happy to have our brand represented by a shop who supports local artists and sustainable values. 
Check out Scandinazn's work here.

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