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1000 Gives!

1000 Gives!

It our 4th Year Anniversary of Giving Gifts & Company! So for the entire month of May and June we're encouraging Vancouver to give! We've made it really easy for you too! We've come up with a list of 1000 ways to give for $4 and under. There are even special gives for children to do. Each one is printed on a card designed by the extremely talented, Laura from Art + Soul Creative Co. Just stop by the store during the month of May and June to get your Giving Card. And then go out and do your give! It's that simple. Well, you'll get bonus points from us if you hashtag it along the way. Use: #1000gives We'd love to hear your stories and see the impact we are creating.

So Vancouver let's make May and June months of kindness as we challenge you to complete 1000 Gives! 

Here it is in 5 easy steps: 

1. Stop by Giving Gifts & Company - 4570 Main Street, Vancouver

2. Pick your card. You'll need to pull it from an envelope on the wall, so whichever one you pick is the card for you. 

3. Do the act of kindness written on the card. All of them are gives that are $4 and under. Some are lovely things to do for yourself and some are things that give to others. 

4. Use the hashtag #1000gives and let us know what you did. This part is important! 

5. Tell your friends and family to pick their Giving Cards too! Vancouver, let's spread the love! 




1. Are all the cards different? YES - all 1000 cards are different ways to give. 

2. How did you come up with so many? Well at first I Googled 1000 ways to give, wondering if someone had put together a list and I was surprised to find that my top page of search results came up with all different ways to make $1000. The first one even offered 1000 different ways to make $1000! As exciting as an extra $1000 sounds right now, I am way more interested in the giving and am surprised that Google itself interpreted my 1000 to mean that I wanted to make that much money. The reason I was looking up 1000 ways to give, was to save myself the time of brainstorming the list myself, but no such luck... I was forced to come up with a list of 1000 ways to give all on my own. 

3. What are some examples? Well you'll need to follow along on social media, ideally on Instagram or Facebook to see which gives people get. Follow the hashtag #1000gives What we can tell you is that there are all different types of acts of kindness and they are all easy to do and they all cost $4 or less. There are some cards that have something nice you can do for yourself and others are nice things you can do to make someone else's day brighter. 

4. What are the kids cards like and what age group are they for? The kids Giving Cards are on the bottom row and they are all gives that kids can easily do that don't cost any money. They are recommended for kids ages 5 and up. 

5. How can I get involved if I don't live in the Lower Mainland? Spread the word to friends and family. We'd love to get all 1000 acts of giving completed during the months of May and June! 

Leave us comments, we'd love to hear what you think! Will you be taking part in #1000gives? 

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