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Artist Story - Paisley of Eiffel & Eyre Knits

Artist Story - Paisley of Eiffel & Eyre Knits

What inspired the name for your business? 

I make vintage-inspired baby accessories, and I wanted a name that evoked timeless elegance. Eiffel & Eyre refers to two of my favourite things: Paris and classic novels. 

What is the story behind why you started your business?
Knitting has been a hobby for me for a long time: my Nana taught me to knit when I was a kid, and I’ve gone back to it over the years as a way to relax and yet still feel productive. I did a lot of knitting during my university degrees; after staring at a computer screen, feeling like the right words for my papers just weren’t coming to me, I found it so satisfying to take a knitting break and see my stitches develop into something! I decided to start a line of knitted accessories so that I could be creative and share my work with others. 

What is the dream that you wish to fund through your business?
I haven’t thought about it in these terms before, but I’d like to be able to do more travelling, and my business could be a part of making that possible. 

What are you most proud of about your business? 
I feel really proud and honoured when I see someone enjoying something I’ve made. Whenever a customer tags my business in an Instagram photo, it makes my day!

How have your grown as a person as a result of your business?
It’s pushed me to learn new things and take risks such as approach people about collaborations or about carrying my line in their stores. 

What would you like to say to the person that buys and/or enjoys your art? 
Thank you very much for choosing handmade!

What difference does your art make in your life, and your family’s life? 
It’s given me a creative outlet, but it definitely has also added clutter—yarn, scissors, knitting needles, fabrics, etc—to the small apartment that I share with my husband!


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