Lisa Loves

A Year Online!

This week marks the One Year Anniversary of Giving Gifts online. I started the website in June 2010 and it took me a month to get the website online properly (all the frustrations I had with it because I know nothing about anything to do with websites is a long story that I thankfully don't really remember anymore.) Within a couple of days of getting Giving Gifts up properly - I got my first order from a complete stranger! I still get just as excited with every new order. I am always a little surprised when people find Giving Gifts with all the websites online and I am so thankful for every online order I've had over the last year. It makes my day every time!  My kids, my dog and I usually walk the packages to the local post office to mail. We've delivered a lot of orders to the post office during the past year and each time I am just as excited as the first! 

Thank you so much to everyone that has placed an order during the last year! Thank you so much for Giving Gifts!

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