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Back to School!

Back to School!

It's that time of year again... another Summer is almost over and the kids are going back-to-school. Are the kids excited? Mine are! They love seeing their friends every day. I'm not sure how much they care about the school part... Are the parents excited? Depends on who you ask... I love the lazy mornings of Summer not having to rush out of the house every day. 

I know that one thing that does get me excited about back-to-school is getting everything organized so we are ready with clothing, lunch supplies and stationery. Here are some of my favourite back-to-school items at the store right now that will make the start of the school year fun for everyone! You can see the entire Back-to-School Collection Here. 

Reusable Chalkboard Signs!

The must-have item captures the moment for Instagram and Facebook (and to use at your child's wedding!) The start of each grade only happens once so you'll want to get that perfect photo! These boards are reusable and doubled-sided. The last day of school is on the back. They come in 4 different options too so if you want a colourful sign or a smaller option, we have it! 


Dabbawalla lunchbags are insulating and machine washable! My kids have been using theirs for as long as they have been in school and one of them is going into high school. So as you can tell, that is a LONG time! They are the best investment in a lunchbag your child will use for years to come. Just wash it whenever it gets dirty. There are a few different options at the store right now and we highly recommend grabbing one! Or snapping one up (if you have a shark fan!) 

Speaking of sharks - how cute is the this kids waterbottle by S'well. It has all the insulation of a regular S'well bottle - keeps cold, cold for 24 hours and hot, hot for 12 but it's made for kids with a smaller size bottle and a lid that is attached so they can't lose it. Because we all know that if they can lose it, they will! I find my kids drink a lot more water when it stays cold all day. 

We carry the best U Konserve containers! They don't leak and are dishwasher safe. They are the only thing I trust for my lunch to make sure it doesn't spill everywhere! We have many different sizes of both round and square containers. 

Reusable snackbags are the must have item in all zero waste lunches! They are one of our favourite items at Giving Gifts and we always have a range of fun patterns to choose from. We love using these bags and just rinse them out under the tap and dry them on the dish rack so they are ready to use every day. They can go in the washing machine whenever they need a real wash. The more you use them, the more food you will find work perfectly in them. Ours have been used for everything from carrots to cherries and grapes to crackers, chips and fishy crackers. We've even seen them used as makeup bags, pencil cases and even wallets! 

The softest and most inspiring shirts by Good hYOUman are in the store right now and we even have a couple designs for kids! "Be Yourself" and "Kindness over Everything" are two perfect messages to start the school year. We guarantee all kids will love the soft fabric and amazing story behind these Made in LA shirts. 

And if you want to inspire your kids with one last lesson before school starts, teach them about the rebel girls! The Rebel Girls books are about amazing women who have changed history to herstory! This journal will inspire our kids to dream big, follow what they believe in and make a difference in the world! 

From all of us at Giving Gifts, we wish you a fun end of Summer full of special moments and wonderful memories. Make sure to cram in every last Summer adventure (time to hit the waterpark - that is our plan) so that you can start the school year fulfilled and ready to learn.

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